Senator Ben Murray Bruce tweets challenges at new ministers. We give our commentary.


So President Buhari announced his Ministers and their portfolios today, a number of people were surprised. Someone on Twitter said “President Buhari isn’t someone you want to play poker with”. I agree, for one he won’t say poker, he’ll say “foker” and he’ll “foke” you up. Ben Murray-Bruce then took to Twitter to challenge some of the incoming ministers. Here we go

On Babatunde Fashola

What sort of mis-yarning is this? Can oga Ben go without his generator for 1 month? Of what use is this challenge really? So let’s assume Fashola goes without his generator for 1 month then what? Will he suddenly become a performer? Does one have to eat bad food to know how to cook a delicious meal? Oga Ben park jare. You and your fellow leeches in the senate should stop sucking us dry first. Remove the millions from your eyes before you remove the plug from Fashola’s generator. Oga Fashola abeg use your generator 24/7 if this helps you do your work. We won’t begrudge you if you perform.

On Audu Ogbeh

So BMB thinks Audu Ogbeh eats mushrooms, broccoli and cheese abi? But let’s assume he likes broccoli, he should not eat it because he is now a minister? This sort of “common sense” should be very uncommon. There is no nation on earth that doesn’t import some sort of food produce, this is the reality. So me wey I like my imported sausages should now eat the one produced locally? Have you seen what Spar sell as beef sausages? Oga Ben you sef no fit chop am.

On Isaac Adewole

If we say that you are a wicked man now you will take offence. So you want to kill the health minister abi? So if you fall ill and there is no hospital that can treat you, then what? You will stay abi? Because of patriotism? Mr Adewole, God forbid you fall ill (We pray plenty in this land), please go to the best hospital that can treat you while fixing our health care system.

On Rotimi Amaechi

This one cracked me up. Truth is I won’t mind seeing Ameachi on a bus. It would be fun to be on a bus with him, the bants and all. The stories would be legendary, his “fight” with Wike for one. Oga Rotimi, no do half road for us o! You hear? No half roads eh, please.

You know what? I care less what the minister eats, whether he has 50 chandeliers powered by diesel, whether he goes to the US to fix a sneeze or rides on an Okada. You know why? Those that have eaten corn publicly have done eff all, those that rode on Okada have nothing to show for their time in office. We are a nation that needs fixing and we need it fast.


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